Welcome to the World of Lawl Weddings WikiEdit

This particular wiki was thought up by John.mitchell.9210256 and made by StevenStar777, which began as an idea during a voting session on whether or not it should exist.

The PurposeEdit

The reason this wiki exists is to be sort of like an altar for the lawlers that want to be lawfully bound in matrimony in sickness and in health 'til death they part.


  1. Only officially-made weddings are allowed (sorry for those that wanted to post fanmade non-canon weddings, especially to MsRochefort555 and her wedding to Seto Kaiba).
  2. Don't bash on any wedding articles, for this is meant to be peaceful.
  3. Any rule-breakers, trolls, phonies, or haters will recieve minor penaties, leading to getting blocked.
  4. Weddings scheduled nowadays should be performed as role-plays in the wiki's chat session.
  5. If you want to give people a visual idea of what the wedding would be like, you may use the wedding meme: If you'd like, you can edit the template or use this wiki's upgrade to the template.
  6. Expect the pages to be edited up to be read in proper English, whether it's British or American.
  7. If you're still trying to fully develop ideas for each wedding scenario, that's fine.

Latest activityEdit

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