Sandvich33/John.mitchell.9210256 + Lydia Gillian Prower
Lydia Prower X SV33 Wedding Meme
Bride Lydia Gillian Prower/Gillian Mary Backhouse
Groom Sandvich33/John M. Mitchell (II½)
Best Man Danny Vasquez
Maid of Honor Zoe Asendinkinka Hirashima
Bride's Parents Amadeus Prower & Rosemary Prower
Groom's Parents Martin A. Mitchell & Erin H. Mitchell
Ring Bearer RobertoftheNerds
Bridesmaids Amy Rose (Team Prower version)
Sash Lilac
Dr Siren
Cherry Pau
Groomsmen Steven Star
Aaron S. Montalvo
Ishamie Tarker
Flower Girls Hirosue Marina
Bloody Mary
Hello Kitty
Minister Creeps McPasta
Organ Player(s) + Singer(s) Alex Goot
Chaotic the Hedgehog


  • I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE/King Hades (hated by: Everyone, mostly Sandvich33)
  • Mephiles the Dark (hated by: Sandvich33)
  • Collaterale1 (hated by: Sandvich33)
  • MMD Notepad (there'll be green)
  • TheDrkSiren (hated by: Lydia Prower)
  • Jacob (hated by: RobertoftheNerds)
  • The Bobinogs (hated by: Lydia Prower)
  • Johnny Test (hated by: Sandvich33, a lot)
  • Worst Dalmatians (hated by: Everybody)
  • Exotix7 (hated by: Steven Star)
  • Irate Gamer (hated by: Ashens, Caddicarus, etc.)
  • PSY (hated by: RobertoftheNerds)
  • Bruce BlazeStar II (hated by: Sandvich33 and RobertoftheNerds)
  • Blackfire (hated by: Starfire)
  • Donna Richard (hated by: Probably everyone)
  • Bubbyparker (hated by: Everyone)
  • Carlos Trejo (hated by: Everyone but The Masked Pope and Bad News Kamina)
  • Chris Chan (you knew why beforehand)
  • Dr. Bumby (hated by: Alice Liddell)
  • Mr. Clipboard ("He has a problem." -John M. Mitchell (II½))
  • JamesLeeKephart (hated by: most of the Lawl community)
  • MobyPureHeart (hated by: most of the Lawl community)



  • Originally, the best man was going to be Pen.
  • This could be an actual, real life wedding someday (except a lot less bizzare)