Harmonica + Georgy L. Pony
Bride Harmonica
Groom Georgy L. Pony
Best Man (or Mare) Stocking Anarchy II
Maid of Honor Fluttershy
Bride's Parents Lyra Heartstrings & Smash Gamer
Groom's Parents Rosa Star Anarchy & Thomas D. Francis
Ring Bearer Slowpoke
Bridesmaids Dinky Doo
Princess Erroria
Sweetie Belle
Groomsmen Spike
Flower Girls Apple Bloom
Minister Princess Luna
Organ Player(s) + Singer(s) Discord
Twilight Sparkle

Just like the kiss Harmonica gave Georgy a while ago, her wish to marry him became as much of a surprise. He was already accepted as a member of the Heartstrings family and Rosa was a good friend to Harmonica's father. Thus, he accepted.

Since Smash Gamer and Twilight Sparkle are now on good terms, he welcomed her as the wedding singer. Despite that Georgy is a clone of Rosa Anarchy's and Thomas Francis' son, they where invited to the wedding along with their daughter. Because they are still technically still his relatives.

The wedding has been planned to happen around 28:th April - 8:th May of 2014.

For those who don't know, here is a link:


Twilight gets invited to be the Wedding Singer. She might look calm, but deep down, she cannot control herself.



  • Pinkie Pie - Disliked by both Harmonica and her father, because she made Fluttershy cry twice during "Filli Vanilli". Despite knowing how sensitive she is.
  • Ghetsis (and Team Plasma as a whole) - Disliked by Harmonica, because he is a tyrant who actually don't care about Pokémon. Despite saying that he is fighting for their freedom.
  • Queen Chrysalis - For obvious reasons.
  • Shining Armor - Hated by Smash Gamer
  • Merriweather Williams and Scott Sonneborn - Hated by Smash Gamer because they have written some of the worst episodes of MLP: FiM.


Love is in Bloom:


  • Spike was originally intended to be a flower girl (despite being a boy), but he later became a groomsman when Emolga wanted to be a flower girl.
  • Big Macintosh was invited to be Georgy's fourth groomsman, but he gave away that spot to Verlisify. (Who some reason did not appear as a pony when he travelled to Equestria).